Membership minimum starts with Rs. 500.

Membership fee is not refundable.

The validity of the membership is based on the plan.

Plan can be changed without any information.

Bureau will not be responsible for any inconvenience either tutors side or parents side.

Tutor will get benefit of the plan according to the option opted.

Registration fee Rs. 500 for one year, Rs. 1000 for five years and Rs. 1500 forever.

Bureau will charge 50% in the first month 10% for the subsequent months.

The bureau will take advance payment from the party and give after the month to the teachers/tutor.

The bureau is not responsible for teacher’s performance and has got the right to forfeit the money after a couple of trial classes.

The teacher will continue the class as long as the bureau wishes to continue.

Tutors/Teachers have to submit all the documents like address proof , photo ID proof , photographs and qualification proof, etc.

We are only the home tutuion service provider portal and will not be responsible for any inconvenience, mis-happening by the parents and the tutors/teachers.

If any class is discontinued due to the negligence of the tutors bureau has the right to take 50% as the part month commission.

It is the duty of the tutors/teachers to inform the bureau when ever the class is discontinued.

Registration fee will not be refundable, if you get any class from the bureau whether it is success or not.

Only in case the bureau is not been able to provide the class within 60 days the 75% fees of registration will be refundable.

All disputes are subjects to Karkardooma Court Jurisdiction, Delhi.

Terms and conditions


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